With multiple major appliances in one area, the kitchen is one of the rooms in your home that uses the most energy. This means it’s also a great place to focus on when looking to reduce your energy use.
Saving energy in your kitchen can be easy.

Run your dishwasher only when it’s full, let your leftovers cool before putting them in the fridge,
and use small appliances like air fryers and pressure cookers instead.

Try out this air fryer recipe from Manitoba Chicken Producers!

Click here to download the recipe.




Life is expensive. Between mortgage or rent payments, groceries, and other necessities, it can be a lot to manage — plus there are energy bills on top of that! We want to help ease the financial burden many Manitobans face. That’s why we’re proud to offer our Energy Efficiency Assistance Program, which provides free and significantly subsidized energy efficiency upgrades for qualifying low- to moderate income households.

We recently expanded the program’s income thresholds, so approximately 40% of Manitoba households may now qualify.

“Investing in energy efficiency in our homes results in long-term savings, but it also means people and families can enjoy much more comfortable homes and a little extra money in their pockets,” said Jacqueline Wasney, a board member of the Consumers’ Association of Canada Manitoba who also represents consumer interests within Efficiency Manitoba’s Energy Efficiency Advisory Group.


If you participate in the Energy Efficiency Assistance Program, you’ll get a free home energy check-up to find ways you can save energy (and money). You’ll receive free energy-saving devices including LEDs, energy-efficient showerheads and aerators, and air sealing products.

Based on the assessment, you may also be eligible for the following services and upgrades:

  • Free insulation for attics, wall cavities, basements, and crawlspaces, including the cost of materials and installation
  • A new high-efficiency natural gas furnace for only $9.50/month for five years when upgrading from a standard-efficiency furnace, or a new high-efficiency natural gas furnace for only $25/month for five years when upgrading from a mid-efficiency furnace
  • A $5,000 rebate towards the purchase of a qualifying high-efficiency natural gas boiler


You qualify for this program if you live in a single-detached or semi-detached home, live in the home year-round, and have a total household income (before deductions) that meets or falls below
the limits in the following table:

Number of people living in the homeTotal income
1 person$42,600
2 people$53,035
3 people$65,200
4 people$79,161
5 people$89,784
6 people$101,260
7 or more people$112,739
If your household income is slightly over our thresholds and you’re not sure if you qualify for the program, please contact us to discuss. We also accept alternative forms of income verification if you’re unable to provide income tax documents.


You can apply for the Energy Efficiency Assistance Program if your tenants are eligible! Or, if you rent an apartment or own or manage an apartment building, our In-Suite Energy Efficiency Program can help.


Efficiency Manitoba reports show electricity and natural gas savings are being achieved cost effectively

Today, following tabling of reports in the Manitoba legislature, Efficiency Manitoba published their 2022/23 Annual Report and Annual Report Supplement, providing a detailed look at their accomplishments during their third year of operations. Reporting also includes financial statements along with independently verified and evaluated 2022/23 energy savings information. 

As required by the Efficiency Manitoba Act, electricity and natural gas savings were tabulated by an independent assessor (Econoler). The verified results show that in the 2022/23 fiscal year, Efficiency Manitoba’s total electricity savings reached 83% of their legislated target of 1.5%, while natural gas savings reached 91% of the legislated target of 0.75%. These savings were obtained with approximately 63% of their overall budget, resulting in energy savings achieved more cost effectively than anticipated in the third year of their inaugural approved Efficiency Plan. 

“Efficiency Manitoba has accomplished a great deal in their 2022/23 fiscal year,” said Dr. Jeannette Montufar-McKay, Chair of Efficiency Manitoba’s Board of Directors. “Their continued investment in energy efficiency programs for all Manitobans has led to year-over-year increases in incentive dollars provided to Manitobans participating in Efficiency Manitoba’s programs. In addition, participation levels have increased significantly in the income-based, Indigenous and commercial sectors. This upwards trajectory puts Efficiency Manitoba in a favourable position to contribute meaningfully to the rapidly evolving energy landscape and mitigation of the climate crisis.”  

Efficiency Manitoba’s third operational year saw increased participation in the majority of their diverse programs and rebates. As of March 31, 2023, over 40 programs were in market and available for all Manitobans including residential, commercial, agricultural, industrial, Indigenous and income-based customer segments. The organization provided nearly $30 million in rebates and incentives in the 2022/23 fiscal year, representing a 16% increase from 2021/22. 

“I’m very proud of how far Efficiency Manitoba has come since becoming operational in April 2020,” said Colleen Kuruluk, Chief Executive Officer of Efficiency Manitoba. “It’s clear that Manitobans are seeing the value in the programs, rebates, and services we provide to help them reduce their consumption, energy bills, and greenhouse gas emissions. The strong partnerships we’ve forged with communities and like-minded organizations further reinforce the culture of energy efficiency we’ve been building as a province and bode well for our future achievements together.  

“At Efficiency Manitoba, we’re ready to build on our existing momentum and continue to help homes, businesses, and communities save for generations,” continued Kuruluk. “Energy efficiency is an integral component to improving bill affordability for all Manitobans, advancing Indigenous reconciliation, and contributing to economic growth and competitiveness. It carves a crucial path towards a more sustainable, energy-conscious, and thriving future for Manitoba, and we’re excited to do our part.” 

The 2022/23 Annual Report and Annual Report Supplement can be accessed at  

About Efficiency Manitoba

Efficiency Manitoba is Manitoba’s Crown corporation dedicated to energy efficiency. With legislated long-term energy savings targets to achieve, the organization has over 40 diverse programs and offers available to help Manitobans save energy, money, and the environment.  

Release date: November 24, 2023



Solar power is exactly that — powerful — though it’s often misunderstood.  

When you hear the term “solar power,” you may have some hesitations about how it will work in our climate and how it can impact your bill. If you think solar isn’t for you, think again! Now is a great time to consider installing a solar photovoltaic (PV) system. Plus, there are rebates and financing available to help with the upfront costs.  

We’ve put together a list of six solar myths and why they’re inaccurate. Let’s debunk them together and discover the truth about solar.   

Myth #1: Solar will eliminate my energy bill

This myth is simply false. Using solar power won’t remove your energy bill entirely, though it can reduce it. 

Your bill amount largely depends on how you and the people in your household or building use electricity. Since solar power reaches its peak generation during the day, you can maximize your solar use by doing your laundry or running your dishwasher during the day.  

It’s important to know that you’ll still need to be connected to Manitoba Hydro’s grid to purchase electricity during the evening and night as well as on cloudy, rainy, and snowy days when solar power isn’t as effective. The following image shows how solar power overlaps with your electricity usage:  

If you aren’t using all the electricity produced by your solar PV system throughout the day, you can sell the excess energy back to Manitoba Hydro for a credit on your account. This concept is known as net billing.  Keep in mind that you pay more to buy electricity from Manitoba Hydro than you’ll receive when selling excess electricity back to them.  

To sum it up, using energy during your solar PV system’s peak generation period will help you maximize your savings.   

Read this article to learn more about solar power and your energy bill.  

Myth #2: Solar will power my home/building, even during a power outage

Grid-connected solar PV systems don’t provide power during Manitoba Hydro electrical grid outages unless they have a battery backup system. Solar PV systems are designed to shut down during outages to stop electricity from flowing back to the grid to protect workers.  

If you own a solar PV system with battery storage, you’ll have the option to select which circuits will keep using power during an outage. This is one way to guarantee you’ll have power during an outage!   

Myth #3: Installing solar means going off the grid

Most solar PV systems are still connected to the Manitoba Hydro electric grid, so once the sun is down, you can rely on renewable electricity from the grid. It’s possible to install an off-grid solar system if you use batteries for power, but most users will keep their system grid-connected to ensure they’re covered during the darker hours.  

In order to be eligible for our Solar Rebate Program, your solar PV system must be connected to the Manitoba Hydro grid.

Myth #4: Solar power doesn’t work when it’s cloudy

If there’s cloud coverage, solar power won’t work…right? Wrong!   

When the sun shines onto your solar panels, the PV cells absorb energy from the sun. The more sun, the more energy the panels will produce. Even if it’s cloudy, the solar PV system can still generate electricity — it’ll just be less effective.  

Myth #5: Solar power doesn’t work in the winter months

Solar panels need light to generate electricity — not heat. This means cold winter temperatures don’t impact the effectiveness of your solar PV system. Even if the winter months are cloudy and grey and the days are shorter, your system will still generate power, albeit less than in the sunny summer months.    

One thing to watch out for is snow collecting on your solar panels. If they’re covered, they won’t generate power. However, depending on the angle of your panels (and pitch of your roof for roof-mounted systems), snow can slide off, and performance won’t be impacted. Your contractor may also suggest using a snow brush to help remove snow. Plus, as the sun comes out, it’ll heat your panels and help the snow slide off.

Myth #6: Solar power requires extensive maintenance

This is a common misconception! While we recommend getting periodic inspections to ensure everything is running smoothly and keeping your panels clear of leaves, foliage, and snow, nothing else is required of you.  

If you suspect your solar PV system isn’t working properly or if you spot any issues, contact a technician and have them look at it.  

It’s important to have all the information before you install a solar PV system at your home or business. We recommend requesting quotes from at least three contractors before signing a contract. This way, you’ll be able to ask questions and get the information you need to make an informed decision.   

To learn more about solar PV systems, read our customer guide or check out our series of articles.   


Visit our program pages to learn more and find out if you’re eligible:



We offer a rebate of $0.50 per direct current (DC) watt installed on homes connected to Manitoba Hydro’s grid, up to a maximum of 10 kW and $5,000 per home.



We offer a rebate of $0.50 per direct current (DC) watt installed on businesses connected to Manitoba Hydro’s grid, up to a maximum of 50 kW and $25,000 per building.



Our Business Lighting Program offers financial incentives for businesses who complete energy-efficient lighting upgrades in their buildings. With our help, Palmer Badger & Co. upgraded the lighting in their office, helping them save money and become a brighter business. 


Palmer Badger & Co. replaced their entire office’s lighting and we provided them with an incentive for it! Their contractor, Gerry from G&K Electric, applied for the incentive on their behalf and completed the entire installation in three short days.  

They installed 28 new LED bulbs in the basement and 65 new LED fixtures in the main office area, giving the space a brand-new look. 

“We are an accounting firm, and our new lighting was installed during our busiest season,” Barb Connolly of Palmer Badger & Co. said. “Everyone involved did their utmost to accommodate us, and everything went smoother than expected.”  


Aesthetics isn’t the only benefit of LED fixtures. The upgrades will save Palmer Badger & Co. from purchasing fluorescent lightbulbs and changing ballasts, as well as replacement costs that quickly added up. We gave the firm an incentive of $3,460 toward the upgrades, which includes the additional 25% customer bonus that we’re offering on all lighting projects. Plus, it’s estimated they’ll save over 18,000 kWh in electricity annually, which translates to $900 in savings each year on their energy bills. 


Efficiency Manitoba makes the process easy. Through our new online application system, myEM, building owners can apply on their own or their lighting suppliers or contractors can apply on their behalf. 

After the application and installation were complete at Palmer Badger & Co., G&K Electric submitted the invoice, Barb signed off to confirm the work was finished, and our team sent Palmer Badger & Co. their incentive cheque. The process was seamless and in a short amount of time, the firm had a refreshed space to enjoy. 

“The LED lighting is far superior to our previous lighting,” Barb said. “I would encourage businesses to take advantage of Efficiency Manitoba’s program — they can have a brighter future with less maintenance.” 


Building owners or their lighting suppliers or contractors can apply for financial incentives through the Business Lighting Program on our website. Check out our program guide to see our incentive rates and eligibility requirements. 


We encourage you to join our supplier network. You’ll be listed on our website as a registered Efficiency Manitoba supplier and can offer our programs to your customers. You’ll also have access to training opportunities and materials offered by our team of experts and can promote our energy efficiency programs in your advertising. The best part? It’s free to register and participate!  



We take the guesswork out of energy efficiency for your small business by providing full-service solutions. 

When Winnipeg’s Asham Curling Supplies was looking to make energy efficiency upgrades to their store, we were there to help. By taking part in our Indigenous Small Business Program, Asham upgraded their lighting for free. 

Whether you’re First Nation or Red River Métis, our Indigenous Small Business Program covers labour and material costs so business owners can focus on what they do best: serving the community. 


If you’re the owner of a small business and looking to make energy efficiency upgrades, we can help! Our small business programs are full-service solutions to help your business become more energy efficient. We’ll install free basic energy-saving products and complete a free lighting and pitched roof attic insulation assessment of your business to see if you could benefit from a Premium Upgrade.  



An energy-efficient building envelope — the roof, walls, windows, and doors of a building — is one of the most effective ways to save energy in condominium buildings and reduce energy bills for owners and residents. By separating the outside environment from the inside, the building envelope ensures that occupants can enjoy optimal comfort no matter the season. 

Our Building Envelope Program offers financial incentives to owners who complete energy efficiency upgrades to their commercial buildings. We provide incentives for roof and wall insulation, window and door upgrades, and curtain wall upgrades.


A high-performing building envelope is crucial in any climate. This becomes even more important in regions like Manitoba, which sees extremes in both heat and cold. In addition to keeping warm air in during the winter and warm air out during the summer, a strong building envelope protects residents from snow, rain, lightning, and strong winds. By reducing condensation and drafts and lowering heating and cooling costs, an upgraded building envelope helps condo building owners and suite owners save energy, money, and the environment. 

Building envelope upgrades improve the airtightness of a space. They can improve indoor air quality for residents because it provides a barrier to outdoor pollutants such as dust, smoke, and pollen. Furthermore, residents can enjoy reduced noise since airtightness helps to soundproof a building, something that benefits condo suite owners who may have hundreds of neighbours.  

A high-performing building envelope enhances a building’s durability and is able to withstand Manitoba’s varying climate. Building envelope upgrades can also improve building aesthetic and value. 

Overall, these benefits lead to improved comfort. Not only will current residents be more inclined to stay, but potential future residents may also be drawn to the energy-efficient and money-saving features of the building.  


Through our Building Envelope Program, we’ll cover up to 100% of roof and wall insulation material costs, up to 100% of the incremental cost of a punched or in-fill window replacement, and up to 100% of the incremental cost of the glazing on a door replacement. Eligible doors include sliding patio, garden, single-swinging, rolling, and folding style. 

For curtain walls, we offer up to $3,000 in energy modelling support plus incentives for the upgrade or replacement.  

We’re here to help you along the way, offering free technical support and advice throughout your project. Taking part in the Building Envelope Program saves you money not only in the short term with our incentives, but also in the long term, as you’ll see savings year after year on your energy bills.  


To qualify for the Building Envelope Program, the building owner must be renovating an existing building that’s heated primarily with electricity or natural gas. Renovations must include energy efficiency upgrades. 

A contractor or consultant can assist with the planning and scope of your project. We recommend speaking with and getting estimates from at least three contractors before deciding who’s the right fit for your project. Your chosen contractor must be a registered Efficiency Manitoba supplier.  

Once you apply, we’ll review your project and let you know your estimated incentive amount. We need to approve your project before any work starts. 

For insulation projects, a minimum of 1,000  square feet of roof or wall insulation must be installed for each incentive application. For window and door projects, a minimum of 10 square metres of window or door area must be installed for each incentive application. 

After your project is complete, submit the completion declaration and invoices to us and we’ll send you your incentive!  

We offer a number of programs for condo building owners and suite owners. Before starting any energy efficiency project, be sure to check Efficiency Manitoba first. 


Manitobans are encouraged to access instant rebates at select retail locations until November 16, 2023

Efficiency Manitoba is proud to announce the milestone achievement of having rebated over one million energy-saving products through their seasonal in-store instant product rebate campaigns. This translates into approximately 23.4 gigawatt-hours (GWh) of electricity savings, positively contributing to Efficiency Manitoba’s energy savings targets. The electricity saved through the campaigns to date is enough to heat approximately 1,500 homes in Manitoba for one year.

As one of over 40 offers tailored to help Manitobans save energy and money, Efficiency Manitoba provides seasonal point-of-sale product rebates at participating retail locations. The objective of these particular product rebates is to encourage Manitobans to make purchases that will help them save money on their utility bills. Via Efficiency Manitoba’s coordination with retailers throughout the province, the prices of select products are reduced instantly at the point of purchase, making participation easy and convenient.

”Providing rebates on energy-saving products is a great way to make life more affordable for families while helping Manitoba meet our climate targets,” said Tracy Schmidt, Minister of Environment and Climate Change. “I look forward to working with Efficiency Manitoba to explore further ways to expand access to sustainable options for Manitobans.”

Instant rebates are currently being offered on over 1,100 individual products, providing a wide variety of options for consumers. Eligible product categories include ENERGY STAR® certified specialty LED bulbs and fixtures, dimmers, motion sensors, timers, outdoor plug timers, energy-efficient showerheads, window and door insulating film kits, weatherstripping, and ENERGY STAR certified smart thermostats. Beyond energy efficiency, these products also provide additional benefits like improved lighting quality, reduced drafts, and a more comfortable living environment.

“We’re very excited that so many Manitobans are seeing the value of making energy-efficient purchasing decisions,” said Colleen Kuruluk, CEO of Efficiency Manitoba. “The purchase of energy-efficient products might feel small, but as made apparent by this milestone, the cumulative effects are making a significant impact on reducing energy consumption in Manitoba. This achievement is made possible by the participation of our retail partners across Manitoba, and we’re grateful for all the hard work they put in to make each of our instant rebate campaigns successful.”

Best Buy, Canadian Tire, Costco, Federated Co-operatives, Home Depot, Home Hardware, McMunn and Yates, and WM Dyck & Sons are participating in the current campaign, totaling 79 retail locations in over 40 Manitoba communities. Retailers and Efficiency Manitoba work together closely to make the shopping experience as straightforward as possible for customers. All retailers receive Efficiency Manitoba-branded point-of-purchase materials to label eligible products and promote the instant rebate offer in general, increasing customer awareness and encouraging the sale of energy-saving technologies.

“Participating in Efficiency Manitoba’s instant rebate campaigns has boosted our sales and we’ve received positive feedback from our customers,” said Arthur Zotovas, Plumbing and Electrical Sales at WM Dyck & Sons in Niverville. “Efficiency Manitoba has designed their rebates to be easy to understand for both our business and customers by providing us with great signage that we display across our store, and their representatives answer all our questions with swiftness. I don’t think we’d be seeing the type of sales we’ve had if it wasn’t for these rebates. It’s a great initiative for our customers to save money and make their homes more energy efficient.”

Efficiency Manitoba’s current instant rebate campaign runs until November 16. Eligible products are available at select participating locations of the listed retailers while quantities last. The specific selection of eligible products varies by retailer and store location — see store for details. A list of eligible products and participating retail locations can be found at

One million rebated products, by the numbers*

*Sales figures and rebate dollars are approximations based on interim sales data provided by participating retailers. Energy and bill savings figures are based on averages from historical consumption data and current energy rates respectively.

About Efficiency Manitoba

Efficiency Manitoba is Manitoba’s Crown corporation dedicated to energy efficiency. With legislated long-term energy savings targets to achieve, the organization has over 40 diverse programs and offers available to help Manitobans save energy, money, and the environment.  

Release date: November 1, 2023



Solomon’s Home, Garden & Gift, a local family-owned greenhouse in the heart of Portage la Prairie, recently got a lot brighter thanks to our Business Lighting Program! 

Through our program, Solomon’s upgraded their old lighting to new, energy-efficient LED fixtures. Not only are they giving their plants even better lighting, they’re also saving on their energy bills. It’s expected that they’ll save an impressive 59,000 kWh of electricity annually and nearly $3,000 each year on their energy bills. Plus, we provided them with an incentive of $7,000 for their upgrade. 


Building owners or their lighting suppliers or contractors can apply for financial incentives through the Business Lighting Program on our website. Check out our program guide to see our incentive rates and eligibility requirements.  


We encourage you to join our supplier network. You’ll be listed on our website as a registered Efficiency Manitoba supplier and can offer our programs to your customers. You’ll also have access to training opportunities and materials offered by our team of experts and can promote our energy efficiency programs in your advertising. The best part? It’s free to register and participate!  



Keep your home warm and cozy this fall! Our programs and rebates make it easy for you to save energy and money throughout the heating season. Plus, it’s a great time to start planning your energy efficiency renovations for spring! 

We’re also here to be your number one resource for expert energy efficiency advice. Our articles are full of tips to make small changes in your daily routine that can result in big changes to your energy bill, helping you save now and for years to come. 



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