Supplier Network

Supplier Network

Efficiency Manitoba supports the Manitoba economy. Energy efficiency programs and offers create opportunities for skilled trades, energy advocates, and communities. In fact, 87% of our annual budget will be returned to Manitobans in the form of customer incentives and through work with energy efficiency delivery partners. This promotes cleaner and more productive economic growth.

Whether you’re a contractor, retailer, or consultant, we can work with you to deliver energy efficiency programs to your customers. You can offer our energy efficiency programs to your customers by joining our supplier network.

There are several benefits to joining our supplier network:

  • It’s free to register and participate!
  • You’ll be registered to offer our energy efficiency programs, helping your customers save energy and money.
  • You’ll be included in our online supplier directory, bringing your business more visibility to Manitobans.
  • You can promote our energy efficiency programs in your advertising.
  • You’ll get access to training opportunities and materials offered by our team of experts.

The Energy Efficiency Assistance Program and Métis Energy Efficiency Offers have a unique pre-qualification process for suppliers. If you’d like more information about this process, send us an email.


As a registered supplier with Efficiency Manitoba, we know helping the environment is just as important to you as it is to us. That’s why we require suppliers, vendors, and contractors who receive payments from us to sign up for direct deposit.

Direct deposit is a quick, secure, and convenient way to electronically transfer funds and reduce our collective carbon footprint.


We provide our registered suppliers with energy efficiency program materials, including promotional pieces and application forms. You can order materials using our online request form.


One of the benefits of joining our supplier network is that you can promote Efficiency Manitoba programs in your advertising. We have advertising guidelines for registered suppliers to use as a reference when creating ads and promotional materials.


Learn how to register for myEM, reset your password, and apply to energy efficiency programs online.