Find a supplier

Find a supplier

Efficiency Manitoba works with contractors, retailers, and consultants throughout Manitoba, creating opportunities for economic growth.

Search through our list of registered suppliers across Manitoba to find one in your community.

Suppliers are listed in alphabetical order. Their contact information can be found in the “Details” section. You can search by postal code to find a supplier near you, or you can use the search function in your web browser by pressing CTRL + F. If you have a supplier that you’d like to work with and they’re not on our list, we can help them register!

The suppliers listed here are registered to offer our programs to their customers. Their inclusion in this list doesn’t constitute an endorsement of their work quality or operations by Efficiency Manitoba. We recommend researching multiple suppliers and getting at least three estimates. For more advice on how to hire a supplier, check out this helpful article.

If you’re participating in the Energy Efficiency Assistance Programview our list of contractors registered with the program.

If you’re a registered supplier and don’t see your business listed, send us an email.