About us

Energy efficiency has made huge strides over the past several decades. We’ve become more environmentally conscious and more willing to take steps to reduce our energy consumption.

Since 1989, Manitoba Hydro’s Power Smart* programs have helped homeowners, business owners, and industry do just this. By participating in Power Smart programs, you increased the comfort of your living and working spaces, saved money on your energy bills, and helped reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Your dedication to saving energy and protecting our planet is appreciated beyond measure.

So, why are we sharing all of this with you?

A new Crown Corporation dedicated to energy efficiency was recently created. As a result, Manitoba Hydro’s Power Smart brand has officially ended its 30-year run in the province.

But this doesn’t mean the end of energy efficiency in Manitoba. Instead, it marks the beginning of something new, exciting, and innovative — and we’re just getting started.

Say hello to Efficiency Manitoba.

* Licensed Trademarks owned by British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority and used under license.


  • You have enjoyed a reduction of over $1.2 billion on your energy bills.
  • You have saved a total of 3,128 gigawatt-hours of electricity. This is enough to serve half of Winnipeg’s residential and commercial electricity needs for a year.
  • You have saved a total of 118 million cubic metres of natural gas. This is enough to serve 2.1 times the residential and commercial natural gas needs of Brandon for a year.
  • You have reduced greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to removing more than 490,000 cars from the road.

Photo of CEO, Colleen Kuruluk

A Message
From the CEO

When I accepted the position as CEO of Efficiency Manitoba, I knew I would be overseeing something special. The launch of a brand-new company dedicated exclusively to energy efficiency is a unique opportunity to create a one-stop shop for Manitobans looking to save money and the environment. With my experience and passion for the conservation industry, I couldn’t wait to dive right in.

You may be wondering what exactly Efficiency Manitoba is going to look like. While there are still lots of details to iron out, what I can tell you is this: we’re building upon the momentum you have created with Power Smart. We strive to offer conservation programs and incentives to all Manitobans. We strive to educate and provide expert advice. And above all, we strive for you to feel empowered in taking control of your homes and businesses.

My roots are strongly planted in the Canadian prairies. My parents grew up on rural farms and raised me to appreciate how skilled Manitobans are in using our resources to support families and the economy. Manitobans have a determined and hardworking nature that I sincerely admire. I’m confident that with these qualities, we can work together to make Efficiency Manitoba a success.

It’s true that the landscape of conservation is shifting in the province. Over the next several months, you may hear our name in the news or from people you know. Amidst the buzz, remember that we’re here to help. Our goal is to collaborate with you, our fellow Manitobans, to identify your needs and how we can fulfill them. We’re eager to make saving energy and reducing your energy bills easy, affordable, and satisfying.

We are launching Efficiency Manitoba with instant rebates on energy efficient lighting products. During our period of transition, Manitoba Hydro will continue to offer energy efficiency programs for homes, businesses, and industry.

Stay tuned for exciting developments down the road. We can’t wait to connect with you and help you through your efficiency journey.

Colleen Kuruluk
Chief Executive Officer, Efficiency Manitoba