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Close up of wood chips

Project feature: Rolling Acres Colony Farms Ltd.

Rolling Acres Colony Farms Ltd. participated in our Custom Energy Solutions Program to convert their electric boilers to a bioenergy system using wood chips, and we gave them an incentive for doing it.

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Arial shot of Kroeker Farms

Project feature: Kroeker Farms

We recently worked with Kroeker Farms to upgrade the ventilation system in their storage sheds, helping them save energy and money for years to come.

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Interior of an office

Business lighting controls

Learn about the types of lighting controls available and what to consider before deciding on a lighting control system for your building.

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Florescent light tubes

Lighting disposal

Check out our guide on how to properly dispose of and recycle hazardous materials.

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Warehouse interior

Lighting for your business

Learn about the types of LEDs available and things to consider before deciding on a lighting system for your building.

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Interior of dairy farm

Agricultural lighting

The agricultural environment is unique. If you’re looking to upgrade the lighting at your facility, here are some things to consider.

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Worker in a hardhat

Variable speed drive upgrade

Find out how your business can save energy and money with a variable speed drive upgrade.

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Builder using futuristic interface

Identifying Ways to Save

When it comes to improving your business’s bottom line, knowing how to find ways to save energy can be a daunting task. At Efficiency Manitoba, we want to help take the weight off. We can help you save money by offering a variety of services that will measure, track, and identify the ways you can reduce electric and natural gas energy in your facility.

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Diagram of 3-Year plan headings

Efficiency Manitoba’s Three-Year Energy Efficiency Plan

We recently reached an exciting milestone – filing our very first three-year plan with the Public Utilities Board. This plan contains details about programs and initiatives that we’d like to offer to Manitobans to help you save energy, money, and the environment.

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