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Custom Energy Solutions

Custom Energy Solutions

Energy savings designed for your facility

If you are looking to make your industrial, commercial, or agricultural facility more energy efficient, we are here to help.

We have the expertise to help you investigate and identify energy-saving opportunities as well as financial incentives to help you implement your project.

Efficient Businesses Need Efficient Facilities

Save money while optimizing your business needs! We offer technical and financial support for both pre-project studies and the changes you make as a result, helping you to:

  • Lower your operating costs
  • Improve the systems you currently use
  • Reduce your environmental impact

Feasibility Study incentives

Do you have a project or system you want to upgrade but need to better understand your options and potential costs? A Feasibility Study can quantify the technical viability, potential energy savings, and overall project economics.

  • Financial incentives of 50% of the study cost are available, up to a maximum of $20,000.
  • Conduct a comprehensive study with a third-party consultant of your choosing. They’ll quantify the costs, benefits, and savings associated with the project, which would be used in a Custom Energy Solutions Program Financial Incentive application.
  • A proposal to define the scope and cost of the study is required.
  • Only studies that evaluate net electricity and natural gas savings will be considered.
  • Your application must be approved before initiating the study.

See our Feasibility Study guide for more information.

Performance-based incentives

Are you ready to implement your energy efficiency project? We offer financial incentives and technical support through our Custom Energy Solutions Program. We take a systems approach to optimizing your energy needs.

  • Performance-based financial incentives of $0.15/kWh and $0.30 m3 of annual energy saved are available.
  • All projects that save energy will be considered. Projects must focus on end-use systems such as compressed air, pumps and fans, industrial refrigeration, process heating, and plant-wide energy management.
  • Energy efficiency projects must result in lower energy consumption and improved system performance.
  • Renovation projects, energy efficiency upgrade projects, and systems installed in new facilities or expansions are eligible.

Let’s work together!

Your facility, our resources


    Get in touch with us and describe the energy-saving project you have in mind. We’ll review it, and our technical staff will give you feedback on your eligibility. If you aren’t sure where to start, we have services that can help you identify potential energy savings projects.


    Decide if you’re ready to implement you project or if you need a deeper analysis on whether your project could result in energy savings. If you need help determining your project’s technical viability, potential energy savings, and project economics, you may want to conduct a Feasibility Study first.


    Once you know how you want to proceed, get in touch with us. We’ll work with you to complete an application for a performance-based incentive through our Custom Energy Solutions Program or apply for a Feasibility Study incentive.


    Once your application has been approved, the work can begin! Proceed with your study or the implementation of your project.


    For Feasibility Studies, submit your feasibility study report and invoice when you’re done. We’ll review your report and send you an incentive.

    For the Custom Energy Solutions performance-based incentives, let us know when your project is complete and implemented. We’ll help you measure and verify your energy savings. Once your savings have been verified, we’ll send you an incentive and a project verification report.

For businesses that rely on technologies like

  • Compressed air
  • Pumps, fans, and blowers
  • Refrigeration
  • Variable speed drives
  • Steam and water boiler systems
  • Ventilation
  • Waste heat recovery
  • Other process equipment