Programs for municipally-owned buildings

We’re here to help municipally-owned buildings and recreation facilities save energy, money, and the environment. We have several programs and incentives that can help building operators make energy-efficient upgrades. In addition to saving money on your energy bills, you’ll increase the comfort, productivity, and enjoyment of your spaces, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

We partnered with the Association of Manitoba Municipalities to create helpful energy efficiency resources for municipal buildings. Check out the municipal programs guide and recreation facilities guide on our website!

Here are some of the offers available to municipally-owned buildings:


Municipally-owned buildings and recreation facilities can participate in our Small Business Program. We offer free energy-efficient upgrades as well as a lighting and insulation assessment. Buildings may also qualify for Premium upgrades, which cover 70% of the total cost of your lighting and insulation project, including materials and installation. Our service provider, Ecofitt, will work with you and a local sub-contractor to install your new energy-efficient upgrades.


Your building’s indoor and outdoor lighting can use a considerable amount of energy. Our Business Lighting Program can help you lower your energy bills and reduce your maintenance costs, and is available to larger municipally-owned buildings and recreation facilities. When you upgrade to energy-efficient LED lighting and occupancy controls, you can receive incentives covering up to 100% of your lighting material costs. LEDs use significantly less energy than traditional lighting and can be easily customized and controlled for your building’s needs and schedule.


By installing roof insulation, wall insulation, and high-performance windows, you can reduce your energy costs and extend the life of your building. The Building Envelope Program can cover up to 100% of your insulation material costs and help reduce the cost of high-performance windows. Benefits include lower heating and cooling costs, less condensation, reduced outdoor noise, and improved indoor comfort and air quality.

As a reminder, small municipally-owned buildings and recreation facilities may qualify for insulation projects through the Small Business Program, which offers specialized support and incentives.


Ground source heat pumps are efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly. Upgrading to a ground source heat pump can reduce municipal building electric heating costs by up to 60% and offset the impacts of future heating cost increases. Incentives are available to make projects easier and more affordable.


We can help you save on electricity and natural gas usage with measures that are designed specifically for your facility. Successful past projects include ice plant heat recovery for shower and ice surface flood water, low-emissivity ceilings, brine pump cycling, refrigeration system controls, and equipment upgrades.


The Energy Manager Initiative enables customers to take control of their energy use. It provides co-funding for a municipality to hire or appoint an energy manager to develop and implement an energy management program and provides resources to help guide them along the way. Agreements last for three years, and incentives provided through the initiative are in addition to incentives provided by our other programs.


Municipalities selected through an application process are provided with support to hire an energy efficiency advocate to create and implement community energy efficiency plans with guidance from our energy experts. These plans help communities lower their overall energy consumption by taking part in our programs. Hired by the municipality, the energy efficiency advocate helps foster a culture of conservation in the community, empowering its citizens to participate in energy-saving initiatives.

In April 2021, we proudly announced that the City of Selkirk was the first municipality to receive funding for an energy efficiency advocate through the Community Energy Efficiency Program. Selkirk will receive funding over two years to employ a local energy efficiency advocate, who will identify and facilitate energy-efficient upgrades within the community.


Our New Buildings Program provides you with incentives for energy modelling and construction when you design and build a new energy-efficient building. Enjoy lower heating and cooling costs, less condensation and drafts, improved occupant comfort, improved building aesthetics, increased building value, and a reduced environmental footprint.

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