Your basement may be at the bottom of your list when considering energy efficiency upgrades. Still, it’s a part of your home where you can create a comfortable living space while achieving significant energy savings.


If you have an inefficient heating system or your basement is uninsulated, it’s likely you’re paying much more than you need to on your energy bills. The good news? We can help make these upgrades more affordable.

Upgrading the insulation in your basement will keep the heat out during warmer months and in during cooler months. Having proper insulation means you’ll use less energy to cool and heat your home, lower your energy bills, and have a more comfortable living space. Through our Home Insulation Rebate, you can get money back on your material costs when you insulate your foundation walls. Income-qualifying households may also be eligible for free insulation upgrades in their basement through our Energy Efficiency Assistance Program or Métis Energy Efficiency Offers.

Some homes still have standard- and mid-efficiency natural gas furnaces or standard-efficiency boilers. You may qualify for a high-efficiency natural gas furnace or boiler upgrade through our income-based Energy Efficiency Assistance Program or Métis Energy Efficiency Offers.