Crown corporation dedicated to energy efficiency recognized for significant achievements in helping Manitobans save energy in 2023

Efficiency Manitoba is pleased to accept the 2024 ENERGY STAR Canada Award for Utility/Program Administrator of the Year from Natural Resources Canada. This prestigious award recognizes the Crown corporation’s leadership and innovation in promoting energy-efficient technologies and products through the administration of their diverse, accessible energy efficiency offers.

Each year, the ENERGY STAR Canada Awards acknowledge businesses and organizations that have made outstanding contributions to energy efficiency and environmental sustainability by issuing awards in several categories. The Utility/Program Administrator of the Year award recognizes an organization that has shown excellence in promoting and encouraging uptake in the installation of ENERGY STAR certified products.

Efficiency Manitoba accepted their award at a ceremony held at Natural Resources Canada, Camsell Hall, 580 Booth St, Ottawa, Ontario on June 4, 2024.

“I would like to congratulate the Efficiency Manitoba team for receiving ENERGY STAR Canada’s Utility/Program Administrator of the Year award,” said Tracy Schmidt, Minister of Environment and Climate Change. “Efficiency Manitoba plays a vital role in our province’s energy future and progress towards sustainability. ENERGY STAR Canada’s recognition of Efficiency Manitoba’s dedication to helping Manitobans make energy-efficient purchasing decisions shows that they are truly making a difference and forging a path to a better tomorrow. Our government is so proud of this work and this recognition.”

A variety of noteworthy accomplishments led to Efficiency Manitoba winning in its category. Some of their achievements in 2023 include:

  • offering six programs for residential and commercial customers to upgrade to ENERGY STAR certified products (among an extensive suite of energy efficiency offers serving all customer segments);
  • achieving a milestone of rebating one million products, nearly 90% of which were ENERGY STAR certified products, through their Instant Rebate offer;
  • providing instant rebates on over 80,000 ENERGY STAR certified LED specialty bulbs, fixtures, and smart thermostats in 2023 alone; and
  • promoting the installation of nearly 3,000 ENERGY STAR certified windows and doors.

“Receiving the Utility/Program Administrator of the Year Award from ENERGY STAR Canada is an honour that reinforces our commitment to maximizing energy savings for homes and businesses throughout the province,” said Colleen Kuruluk, CEO of Efficiency Manitoba. “On behalf of Efficiency Manitoba, I’d like to thank Natural Resources Canada and ENERGY STAR Canada for recognizing our achievements and the importance of the work we do for all Manitobans.”

ENERGY STAR is an internationally recognized program that labels the most energy-efficient products on the market; certified products are third-party tested and in the top 15% to 30% of their class for energy performance. Efficiency Manitoba considers ENERGY STAR certification when designing and implementing energy efficiency offers, meaning Manitobans can more easily recognize and value the benefits of energy-efficient products and see reductions in their energy bills. Promoting the purchase and installation of ENERGY STAR certified products leads to greater energy savings when completing upgrades in homes and businesses, which helps Efficiency Manitoba achieve its long-term electricity and natural gas savings targets.

“Congratulations to Efficiency Manitoba on being awarded a 2024 ENERGY STAR Canada award. Your efforts are driving innovation in energy efficiency, helping Canadians to save money on energy bills and contributing to the fight against climate change. The Government of Canada is very pleased to support energy efficiency solutions on our collective path to a sustainable and prosperous future.” The Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources

This is Efficiency Manitoba’s second ENERGY STAR Canada award, having won Promotional Campaign of the Year in 2022 for a post-sale rebate campaign on ENERGY STAR certified appliances and smart thermostats.

About Efficiency Manitoba

Efficiency Manitoba is Manitoba’s Crown corporation dedicated to energy efficiency. With legislated long-term energy savings targets to achieve, the organization has over 40 diverse offers available to help Manitobans save energy, money, and the environment.

Release date: June 19, 2024