Efficiency Manitoba’s Three-Year Energy Efficiency Plan

We recently reached an exciting milestone – filing our very first three-year plan with the Public Utilities Board. This plan contains details about programs and initiatives that we’d like to offer to Manitobans to help you save energy, money, and the environment. You can imagine we’re pretty excited about this.

You may be wondering: what are we planning on doing? Here’s a quick overview.

Efficiency Manitoba’s Three-Year Energy Efficiency Plan

Highlights from the 3-Year Energy Efficiency Plan.

We will provide exceptional customer service.

We appreciate that no two Manitobans are alike. From homeowners to small businesses to industry, everyone uses energy differently. That’s why we’ve put forward a diverse set of rebates, financing programs, and initiatives that are tailored to Manitobans. It’s important to make sure that our offers are simple and inclusive. And if you need expert advice, knowledgeable staff will be ready to help.

We will help Manitobans save.

Empowering you to save energy is our number one priority. The cumulative electric savings achieved in this plan will power over 76,000 homes for one year, and the natural gas savings will reduce greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to taking 5,000 cars off the road for one year. By achieving these savings, over $18 million will go back into the pockets of Manitobans like you. Energy savings also reduce the province’s growing energy needs and delay expensive investments in new generation, transmission, and distribution infrastructure.

We will collaborate with Manitobans.

While developing the plan, we did a lot of listening to customers and delivery partners. This helped us design an inclusive set of offers and resources tailored to Manitoba’s climate, people, and businesses. We’ll ask for feedback on an ongoing basis so that we continue to provide value and serve the needs of Manitobans.

We will provide benefits to the Manitoba economy.

Efficiency Manitoba supports the energy efficiency economy. Our offers will create opportunities for skilled trades, energy advocates, and communities. In fact, over 85% of our annual budget will be returned to Manitobans in the form of customer incentives and through our work with energy efficiency delivery partners. This promotes more productive and clean economic growth.

Visit the Public Utilities Board’s website to read more about our three-year plan.

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