Efficiency Manitoba files first three-year Efficiency Plan

New Crown corporation looks forward to helping Manitobans save energy, money, and the environment

Efficiency Manitoba, Manitoba’s new Crown corporation focused on energy efficiency, has filed its first three-year Efficiency Plan with the Public Utilities Board. The plan outlines the path forward for Efficiency Manitoba to achieve legislated energy savings targets.

Efficiency Manitoba has a mandate to develop and support energy efficiency initiatives reducing provincial consumption of electricity by 1.5% and natural gas by 0.75% annually. The plan put forward achieves those targets which are designed to cost effectively contribute to meeting Manitobans’ needs for energy while helping reduce the impact of energy rate increases.

“We’re very proud to submit our three-year plan for energy efficiency in Manitoba,” said Colleen Kuruluk, CEO of Efficiency Manitoba. “Building on a strong foundation, we are moving forward with an exciting new future in energy efficiency; we look forward to helping Manitobans save energy, money and the environment.”

The filing of this first three-year efficiency plan initiates the Public Utilities Board (PUB) review process in anticipation of Efficiency Manitoba’s official commencement date of April 1, 2020. The review process will include a public hearing following which the PUB will provide a report and recommendations for review, comment and approval by the Minister.

Members of the public can share their views on Efficiency Manitoba’s plan by way of a written comment, oral presentation or as an approved intervener. Further information is available on the PUB Website Those parties interested in intervening must submit the intervener application to PUB by 12:00 p.m. October 31, 2019. Those parties interested in presenting at the public hearing must submit the presenter application to PUB before November 29, 2019.

“While meeting expectations set out in the legislation and mandate letter, Efficiency Manitoba will make a positive difference in the lives of Manitobans” said Kuruluk. “This includes improving home comfort and lowering energy costs. Businesses implementing energy efficient initiatives will also see reduced operating costs and increased competitiveness.”

Program enhancements and new offerings are outlined in the three-year plan which will assist in driving the increased level of savings mandated through legislation. The plan also sees continuation of programs that cost effectively achieve enduring savings while meeting customer and industry expectations for stable program offerings.

Contractors, suppliers, service providers and communities will be integral to delivery of three-year plan, providing nearly all of Efficiency Manitoba’s in field support for products and services. Including customer incentives, the three-year plan sees over 85 percent of Efficiency Manitoba’s budget flowing into local partners and service providers working with the organization to deliver programs and services.

Kuruluk said the submission of the plan is the culmination of extensive work and input from diverse representation on Efficiency Manitoba’s Energy Efficiency Advisory Group. “We extend sincere appreciation to our Advisory Group and other Manitobans engaging with us so far. We look forward to ongoing collaboration and continuing to build on the strong culture of energy efficiency in Manitoba”.

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