Partnerships make perfect


Offering energy efficiency programs to Manitobans is what we do best, and partnerships play a big role in our work to help Manitobans save energy. These partnerships help us reach all Manitobans for their energy-savings needs. 

One partnership we’re excited to highlight is with the Manitoba Métis Federation (MMF). The MMF is the democratic government for the Manitoba Métis, also known as the Red River Métis, the origin and core of the Métis Nation.  

To help support Red River Métis Citizens access energy efficiency programs for their homes and businesses, we’re funding an Energy Efficiency Advocate through the MMF. The Energy Efficiency Advocate will work out of the MMF Winnipeg office while also supporting the other six regional offices in promoting our programs and rebates.  

“The MMF is committed to creating partnerships and opportunities that continue to benefit our Red River Métis Citizens,” says Will Goodon, MMF Minister of Housing and Property Management. “We offer many programs that ensure we are creating long-lasting success for our Citizens, from our first-time homeowners program to our HELP initiative. The MMF will always make sure we have programs that help our Citizens thrive.”  

“Our partnership with Efficiency Manitoba through the Energy Efficiency Advocate is just one of the ways the Red River Métis government is looking out for our Citizens. We are excited to see how many Red River Métis Citizens will be able to access these energy efficiency programs for their homes and businesses.”

Will Goodon, MMF Minister of Housing and Property Management

In addition to funding an Energy Efficiency Advocate, we have specific programs for Red River Métis Citizens:  

  • Our Métis Energy Efficiency Offers is an income-based program that provides homeowners and tenants with a turnkey solution for receiving energy efficiency upgrades. Through the free home energy check-up, you can receive a variety of energy-saving devices and find out if you qualify for free insulation or a subsidized natural gas furnace. 
  • Our Indigenous Small Business Program can help improve the energy efficiency in Métis Nation small businesses. We offer free lighting and other energy efficiency upgrades to Red River Métis Citizens who own a qualifying business registered with the Louis Riel Capital Corporation. 

Our Indigenous programs are committed to supporting local Indigenous economic development. Through our partnership with the MMF we will also look to work with Métis contractors registered with the Louis Riel Capital Corporation (LRCC). 

We’re also funding Energy Efficiency Advocates through our Indigenous Community Energy Efficiency Program in Ebb and Flow First Nation, Lake Manitoba First Nation, Lake St. Martin First Nation, O-Pipon-Na-Piwin Cree Nation, Pine Creek First Nation, Red Sucker Lake First Nation, Sioux Valley Dakota Nation, and York Factory First Nation.  We’re also partnering with three other communities and are working to finalize their agreements. Over the two-year partnerships, we’ll support the Energy Efficiency Advocates in creating a community energy efficiency plan to help reduce the overall energy use in these First Nation communities.