What’s your role at Efficiency Manitoba?

As the Indigenous Programs Analyst, I provide research and support for all our Indigenous programs to help enhance sustainability efforts in Manitoba. The programs I work on include our Métis Energy Efficiency Offers, First Nation Insulation and Direct Install, and more. 

What do you like best about working in energy efficiency?

I have always been fascinated with renewables and clean energy. While working on my university degree, I published a paper on the connection between renewables, environmental stewardship, and Indigenous principles of land preservation. Working for Efficiency Manitoba allows me to utilize my studies and passions to support programs aligned with Indigenous principles of stewardship, as well as contribute to the preservation of Indigenous natural resources. 

What’s an accomplishment you’re most proud of?

Helping to launch our Métis Energy Efficiency Offers as well as building a strong relationship with the Manitoba Métis Federation

Can you tell us about a project you’re working on right now that you think Manitobans should know about?

One of the main projects I work on is the First Nation Insulation and Direct Install program. This program provides free energy-saving items to homes in First Nation communities, helping them save on their energy bills. We work closely with each First Nation and provide the items and support to have local labour install these products. 

Energy efficiency and sustainable technology are growing industries in Manitoba. I think it’s important for Efficiency Manitoba to work with Indigenous Peoples in implementing our programs as they have been environmental stewards of their land for many years.