Enhancements to the small business program

We’re committed to helping local businesses save energy while supporting economic recovery efforts. We’re making that possible by adding new technologies to both our Small Business Program and Indigenous Small Business Program and expanding the eligibility criteria. Now even more businesses can participate!


Our Small Business Program is a full-service solution that helps your business become more energy efficient. You can get free basic energy-saving products, a free energy-efficiency opportunity assessment, and financial incentives on lighting and insulation upgrades.


We’re excited to announce the following enhancements to the Small Business Program and Indigenous Small Business Program eligibility criteria: 

  • Buildings can now be up to 15,000 square feet (up from 10,000 square feet)
  • Businesses can now have up to 10 locations in Manitoba (up from 6 locations)
  • Municipal buildings are now eligible to participate

We also included new products and technologies for both our Basic and Premium upgrades including:

  • showerheads (Basic); 
  • Type B TLEDs (Premium); 
  • smart thermostats (Premium); and
  • insulation (Premium).


One thing hasn’t changed: it’s still as easy as ever to participate. Simply get in touch with us to request your free assessment and energy-saving devices. Our service provider, Ecofitt, will work with you and a local sub-contractor to install your energy-efficient upgrades. 

Check out our program web pages to start your energy efficiency journey! 

Don’t qualify for the Small Business Program? You may be interested in our Business Lighting Program. 

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