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204 Capital Inc. will save more than $3,500 each year on their annual energy bill, thanks to taking part in two of our programs.

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Learn how Carlyle Printers is already saving on their energy bills by upgrading their roof insulation through our Building Envelope Program.

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Café owner holding a flower vase

BDC small business week 2022

Recent participants of our Small Business Program and Indigenous Small Business Program share their experience.

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Arial view of residential neighbourhood

The neighbourhood energy efficiency project

HOW WE’RE CREATING PARTNERSHIPS TO INCREASE ACCESSIBILITY TO ENERGY EFFICIENCY Making sure our energy efficiency programs are accessible to everyone is an important part of the work we do. One of the best ways to ensure Manitobans know we’re here to help is meeting them where they are – right in the community. Working togethercontinue-reading

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Florist using tablet at work

Enhancements to the small business program

We added new technologies and expanded the eligibility criteria for our Small Business Program.

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Couple using measuring tape

How to measure your home for insulation

Having precise measurements of your home is important for planning your insulation project.

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Hand measuring insulation depth

Should you upgrade your home’s insulation? Knowing your R-value is key

Knowing the R-value of the insulation you have now, and the R-value you’re looking to achieve is critical to getting the results you want.

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Fiberglass insulation in interior wall

Types of insulation

Knowing what type of insulation you need is important for planning your insulation project. This will ensure you purchase the correct amount of insulation.

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