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Exterior of townhouses

Working with non-profit housing organizations

We’re here to create an energy-efficient Manitoba by providing support and services that help residents and businesses use less energy. If you’re a member of a non-profit housing organization, we can help you and your tenants save energy, money, and the environment.

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Arial view of residential neighbourhood

The neighbourhood energy efficiency project

HOW WE’RE CREATING PARTNERSHIPS TO INCREASE ACCESSIBILITY TO ENERGY EFFICIENCY Making sure our energy efficiency programs are accessible to everyone is an important part of the work we do. One of the best ways to ensure Manitobans know we’re here to help is meeting them where they are – right in the community. Working togethercontinue-reading

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Couple laying in fall leaves

Save energy at home this fall

Fall is just around the corner! We have some tips to help you save energy at home this season. Head to our website to check them out!

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All about ground source heat pumps

Ground source heat pumps can reduce your heating costs by up to 60% when compared to an electric furnace. For the average home in Manitoba, that translates to annual savings of $900 on your energy bills!

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Woman using laptop and phone

How the average Manitoba home uses energy

Learn how the average Manitoba home uses energy, and find out how you can reduce your energy use.

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Couple and an expert in their kitchen

Advice for hiring a contractor

Are you ready to get started on that home project you’ve been thinking about? If you’re ready to go, the first step to the project is hiring a contractor. Finding the right contractor for your energy efficiency project is important and helps to ensure your project moves smoothly and in the right direction.

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Person on smartphone

Get smart with your smart thermostat

More and more Manitobans are buying smart thermostats for their homes. These Wi-Fi connected devices look slick, are easy to use, and are a great conversation starter when you have guests over.

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Family walking in winter

Save energy at home this winter

Winter in Manitoba has lots to offer, from skating trails to Festival du Voyageur to ice fishing. But if you’ve lived here for more than five minutes, you know that our winters can be unforgiving.

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