Cool Your Refrigeration Energy Use

If you operate a grocery store, convenience store, or a restaurant you know how high your overall energy bill can be, especially on the refrigeration equipment alone. In a typical grocery store, refrigeration can account for over 50% of the energy bill. But, it doesn’t have to be that way—there are many ways you can save energy in your space. And, to be energy efficient, you don’t have to replace your refrigeration system.

Below, we outline the ways you can manage your existing refrigeration equipment to save energy and money.

Energy Saving Tips for Grocery, Restaurant, and Convenience Stores

  1. Perform regular maintenance tasks including cleaning debris from the evaporator and condenser coils, check and service belts, filters, compressor lines, gaskets, door latches, fan blades, and refrigerant charge.
  2. Check operating temperatures regularly. These checks help maintain consistent temperatures and set thermostats to avoid overcooling merchandise.
  3. Educate your employees about energy conservation measures. Post signs to remind staff to shut off lights and close doors.
  4. Load all coolers and freezers properly. Try to avoid over and underloading by leaving a1” gap on the sides and a 4” gap at the back to allow a steady flow of air.
  5. Avoid heat buildup by using as few lights as possible. To illuminate refrigerated space interiors, consider upgrading to LED’s.
  6. To minimize cool air loss, consider installing automatic door closers.
  7. Install night covers to open cases to reduce energy consumption during your unoccupied hours.

Take advantage of Efficiency Manitoba’s many available incentives for commercial refrigeration equipment upgrades or replacements.