Project feature: Happy Rock Children’s Centre


People are more willing to construct energy-efficient buildings when the steps to do so are simple. That’s what makes Efficiency Manitoba’s New Buildings Program stand out, says one contractor. 

“The program in general is one of the best in Canada,” says André Legault, who leads the Quebec City office of Martin Roy et Associés. “We work in different provinces, and having Efficiency Manitoba looking at both natural gas and electricity as part of one program, this is really good. It makes things way simpler this way.” 

Legault says in some other provinces, you have to go through separate companies to receive incentives for electricity and natural gas. 

Our New Buildings Program offers incentives for new construction projects. The program is available for projects designed to be at least 5% more energy efficient than the minimum requirements of the Manitoba Energy Code for Buildings (MECB), and energy efficiency certification is awarded to projects designed to be at least 10% more energy efficient than the minimum requirements of the MECB. 


The Happy Rock Children’s Centre in Gladstone wanted to construct a new building with an energy-efficient design. Martin Roy et Associés worked with the children’s centre to analyze the energy efficiency of the project. 

Martin Roy et Associés provides consulting in energy efficiency for existing and new buildings across Canada and the United States. Legault says the company’s strength is that it uses energy modelling techniques to give the best data to inform and assist the design team. 

Our role is not necessarily to push sustainability but to show the opportunity and demonstate that green alternatives are viable. It also pays from an economic point of view.

André Legault
Quebec City Office Lead, Martin Roy et Associés

The company was able to identify opportunities to increase the energy performance of Happy Rock Children’s Centre. The building was ready to use by January 2020 and achieved a nearly 27% greater performance than the MECB. 

Legault says the children’s centre is a simple building with affordable energy efficiency solutions that are easy to implement and maintain. Energy-efficient features include triple-glazed windows, LED lighting, and air-to-air heat recovery. Also, the children’s centre uses only renewable energy—the building uses electric furnaces, eliminating the need for natural gas. 

For this project, the client knew they wanted an energy-efficient building, so they explored the incentives and technical support we offer. For many projects, Martin Roy et Associés informs the client about our incentive programs, such as the New Buildings Program 

Martin Roy et Associés will continue to recommend the New Buildings Program to clients. It’s the first thing the service provider mentions when getting involved with new construction projects. 

“The New Buildings Program helps us achieve our mission and what we are striving for,” Legault says. “We want to change the world. We want to make a difference.”


Our incentives and expert advice encourage Manitobans to invest in energy efficiency. 

Legault says one of the most important benefits of the New Buildings Program for Happy Rock Children’s Centre is that it received recognition for having an energy-efficient building. Plus, the children’s centre received financial support through the program. We were able to provide them with financial incentives totaling over $16,300 and they can expect annual electricity savings of 17,349 kWh. A longer-term benefit is that the centre will have lower utility bills in the future, Legault says. 

Our New Buildings Program offers financial incentives for energy modelling services through the Energy Modelling Assistance Incentive, plus incentives paid on a per square foot basis through the Performance Path. 

Energy modelling can identify opportunities for energy efficiency early on in the project. This planning can reduce the need for costly modifications later in the process. 


To qualify for the New Buildings Program, the project must be new construction or an addition and be required to follow the MECB. You need to apply early in the design phase. The specific submission requirements for each path are outlined below. 

Projects may receive incentives through two parts of the New Buildings Program: the Energy Modelling Assistance Incentive and the Performance Path. 

For the Energy Modelling Assistance Incentive, email us before the project tender date. Once it’s approved, work with an energy modeller to complete and submit the energy modelling report and send it to us along with the invoice. 

We’ll provide feedback on the project and process your incentive. 

For the Performance Path, email your application to us no later than six months after receiving a building permit; however, the earlier the better. Once it’s approved, you can proceed with construction and work with your team to complete and submit the program deliverables as outlined in the program guide. We’ll review the deliverables, provide feedback, and process the financial incentive upon completion. 

You can find more information and the application forms on the program web page. We’re here to offer technical assistance and guidance throughout the entire process.