Project feature: Grassie Villa Apartments and MJ Lighting & Electrical


Our Business Lighting Program offers financial incentives for businesses that make energy-efficient upgrades to the lighting in their building.  

Together with MJ Lighting & Electrical, we recently worked with Grassie Villa to upgrade the lighting in their common areas through our Business Lighting Program. Not only will they save energy and money for years to come, we also provided them with an incentive for their upgrade! 


Grassie Villa is a non-profit, life lease apartment complex managed by Murdoch Management. Located at 1395 Molson Street in Winnipeg, the building has 32 units and is for residents who are 55 and older.   

In apartment buildings like Grassie Villa, we provide incentives for lighting upgrades in any common spaces, including outdoor areas, entryways, hallways, and laundry rooms. 

When Grassie Villa decided it was time for an upgrade, MJ Lighting & Electrical was there to help. They upgraded the lighting in the common areas of their building by removing the old incandescent, fluorescent, and high-pressure sodium lighting, and replacing them with LEDs. 


Grassie Villa is realizing significant benefits from upgrading their lighting: 

190,000 kWh and $9,000 savings

This program is so helpful to non-profit organizations“.

Donna Leeies
Manager, Murdoch Management

Beyond the electricity and bill savings, we were also able to provide them with an incentive of $8,048 plus a bonus customer incentive of $2,012, for a total incentive of $10,060!  

You can take advantage of the bonus incentive too. We’re offering an additional 25% customer bonus on all lighting projects for applications completed before March 31, 2023. 


Applying for incentives has never been easier with our new online application system, myEM. Building owners can apply themselves, or their lighting suppliers or contractors can apply on their behalf.  

MJ Lighting & Electrical provides lighting and electrical solutions for businesses of all sizes. They offer full-service lighting upgrades including assessment, design, supply, and installation. They’ve submitted hundreds of Efficiency Manitoba applications for their customers, so they’re well-versed in collecting all the necessary information and submitting applications through their myEM account. 

“Everything went very smoothly,” Donna said about the application process. 

When an application is submitted by a contractor, the building owner receives an email with a link to sign the application—no logins or accounts are required. We then send the approval to both the contractor and the building owner, and the project can get started. 

Once the lighting is installed, the contractor will send us the invoice through myEM. The building owner will receive another email with a link to sign off on a completion declaration. After that, we’ll mail you your incentive cheque! 


Building owners or their lighting suppliers or contractors can apply for financial incentives through the Business Lighting Program on our website. Check out our program guide to see our incentive rates and eligibility requirements.  


We encourage you to join our supplier network. You’ll be listed on our website as a registered Efficiency Manitoba supplier and can offer our programs to your customers. You’ll also have access to training opportunities and materials offered by our team of experts and can promote our energy efficiency programs in your advertising. The best part? It’s free to register and participate!  

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