Home energy retrofits


If you’re planning on making major energy efficiency upgrades to your home, we have a new offer just for you! Your project could qualify for rebates through our Home Energy Retrofits. Whole-home energy retrofits significantly decrease your energy bills and lower your carbon footprint. They also improve the comfort, durability, indoor air quality, and resilience of your home. 

You may be wondering: what exactly is a home energy retrofit? Also called “deep energy” retrofits, they’re large renovation projects that significantly reduce the energy a home or building uses. Home energy retrofits significantly improve occupant comfort, improve indoor air quality, and cut annual building energy consumption by 50% to 100%. 

Because each home is unique, the upgrades selected for each project will also be unique. Home energy retrofits usually involve major upgrades to building envelope components and mechanical systems. A typical retrofit project may involve adding insulation, performing detailed air sealing work, and replacing windows and doors. These upgrades are often accompanied by new and more efficient heating systems such as air source or ground source heat pumps. In cases where efficiency goals are most ambitious, adding renewables like solar photovoltaics (solar panels that convert light into electricity) can be a final step.

Before starting a home energy retrofit and to qualify for rebates, you’ll need to get expert advice and guidance from a Registered Energy Advisor through an EnerGuide audit. And to maximize your savings and lower the cost of your project even more, you can stack our rebate with the grants and loan available through the Canada Greener Homes Initiative.  

Are you ready to get started on your energy efficiency project? Contact an EnerGuide service organization that serves your area. They’ll send an energy advisor to conduct an EnerGuide evaluation on your home. Once you have your retrofit project planned out, be sure to apply and get approval from us before you start any work.