Efficiency Manitoba provides cost-effective energy savings during the pandemic: programs are available for Manitobans

On November 16, 2021, Efficiency Manitoba published the supplement to their 2020/21 Annual Report, providing independently verified 2020/21 energy savings information associated with their first operational year coincident with the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Verified electric energy and natural gas savings were tabulated by independent expert assessor Econoler, selected through a competitive public procurement process. The verified results show that in Efficiency Manitoba’s first year of operations, net electricity savings of 227.4 gigawatt-hours (GWh) and net natural gas savings of 7.01 million cubic metres (m3) were achieved. This represents 69% of Efficiency Manitoba’s annual electric energy savings target and 60% of the annual natural gas savings target.

These energy savings were obtained with approximately 43% of Efficiency Manitoba’s budget, resulting in energy savings achieved more cost effectively than anticipated in the first year of their inaugural three-year efficiency plan.

“Manitobans have faced enormous challenges over the last 18 months,” said Dr. Jeannette Montufar, Chair of Efficiency Manitoba’s Board of Directors. “While navigating the pandemic during the organization’s first operational year, Efficiency Manitoba worked collaboratively with Manitobans on energy efficiency initiatives. This occurred while significant portions of the market were unavailable due to an understandable focus on health, safety, and other pandemic-related priorities. Efficiency Manitoba has set a solid foundation for the achievement of long-term 15-year energy savings targets.”

At the conclusion of 2020/21, Efficiency Manitoba had over 30 programs and offers available to Manitobans for homes, businesses, and communities. This was achieved while continually monitoring and adjusting safety policies and procedures during the pandemic to enable participation wherever possible. During this time, Efficiency Manitoba also grew the number of private sector suppliers delivering energy efficiency programs to nearly 700, thus supporting the continuation and expansion of local green jobs.

“As we look towards a post-pandemic Manitoba, we’re here to serve and help Manitobans save on their energy bills,” said Colleen Kuruluk, Chief Executive Officer of Efficiency Manitoba. “We continue to launch exciting new initiatives, along with enhancements to existing offers.

“If you’re considering a renovation, new construction, or an improvement project within your home or business, or if you simply want to know how you can save, reach out to us. We’d be happy to help you take your first or next step on your energy efficiency journey.”

The 2020/21 Annual Report and corresponding supplement can be accessed here.