Reducing heating and cooling costs for Manitoba homes and businesses: Efficiency Manitoba offers new air source heat pump incentive program.

A new incentive program is now available to Manitobans who upgrade their heating system to a new, more energy-efficient alternative. Efficiency Manitoba’s Air Source Heat Pump Program will provide a financial incentive of up to $1.65 per square foot of heated space to eligible homeowners and small business owners who replace their existing heating system with an air source heat pump or cold climate air source heat pump. In a 1,600 square foot space, this provides an incentive of up to $2,640.

Air source heat pumps work as both a heating and cooling system and are designed to efficiently regulate indoor air temperature. Instead of creating heat by burning fossil fuels or powering an electric element, an air source heat pump uses a small amount of energy to pull the heat from the outdoor air to heat homes and buildings. In the summer months, it works in reverse by pushing warm air outside. This makes them an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly electric heating and cooling system.

“I commend Efficiency Manitoba on this new program announcement. By introducing incentives on air source heat pumps, Efficiency Manitoba is showing their commitment to helping Manitoba homes and business access energy-efficient heating solutions at a reduced cost,” said Minister of Environment, Climate and Parks and Minister responsible for Efficiency Manitoba Jeff Wharton.

The Air Source Heat Pump Program requires customers to work with a registered Efficiency Manitoba air source heat pump supplier.

“Working with the private sector is an important component of delivering energy efficiency to Manitobans,” said Wharton. “Programs like Efficiency Manitoba’s Air Source Heat Pump Program help to create and sustain green jobs, which positively benefits the Manitoba economy.”

The efficiency of air source heat pumps can result in significant annual energy bill savings. For example, replacing an electric furnace with a centrally-ducted cold climate air source heat pump in a 1,600 square foot home could save $500 per year in energy costs. This is in addition to the incentive provided by Efficiency Manitoba to reduce the upfront cost.

“We’re very pleased to introduce this program offering incentives on air source heat pumps,” said Colleen Kuruluk, Chief Executive Officer of Efficiency Manitoba. “Installing this energy- efficient heating and cooling technology can reduce heating costs by up to 30% when compared to an electric furnace. These persisting bill savings, in combination with our upfront financial incentive, help to make air source heat pumps and their resulting energy savings more accessible and affordable for Manitobans.”

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