Efficiency Manitoba introduces Innovation Fund to support the future of energy efficiency

Efficiency Manitoba is proud to announce the launch of our new Innovation Fund, which will support the development and advancement of innovative energy efficiency technologies and strategies in Manitoba. Entrepreneurial Manitobans will have the opportunity to apply for funding through this program to demonstrate energy-saving strategies, which could be replicated throughout Manitoba.

The Innovation Fund will provide funding for pilot projects and partnerships to reduce barriers to emerging energy-efficient technologies and strategies. Projects will be evaluated for savings and market adoption potential with the goal of developing successful projects into future Efficiency Manitoba initiatives.

“Our government is committed to fostering economic development and fighting climate change,” Conservation and Climate Minister Sarah Guillemard said. “Efficiency Manitoba’s Innovation Fund enables the pursuit of groundbreaking energy efficiency solutions for potential wide-scale adoption by the Manitoba market. This not only helps homes and businesses reap the financial and environmental benefits of energy conservation, but it also supports Manitoba businesses develop green jobs and green solutions to address the economic and energy needs of our province.”

Funding is available to Manitoba-based corporate, non-profit, community and Indigenous organizations, and Indigenous communities. Projects can receive funding of up to 75% of the total cost to a maximum of $250,000. Efficiency Manitoba’s approved 2020-23 Plan allocated $2.1 million for the Innovation Fund.

Successful applicants are eligible for funding through one of two streams. Participants may choose to evaluate an emerging energy-efficient technology or strategy in the Manitoba context, or understand and reduce market barriers to energy-efficient technologies.

“Continuously looking towards the future of energy efficiency is a key focus area for Efficiency Manitoba” said Colleen Kuruluk, Chief Executive Officer of Efficiency Manitoba. “While providing excellent programs and services to Manitobans today, we’re continuously looking at tomorrow and the years ahead. We’re here to support new opportunities, technologies, and strategies that contribute to achieving long-term energy savings for Manitobans.”

The Innovation Fund creates partnerships to support local job creation and post-pandemic economic recovery by exploring new approaches to energy efficiency. This initiative will contribute to a green and economically robust future for Manitoba.

Interested applicants are encouraged to visit our Innovation Fund to submit an Expression of Interest. Applications for the current round of funding are being accepted until November 30, 2021.