Whether your goal is to vastly reduce your energy usage, lower your monthly bills, help fight climate change, or all of the above, a deep energy retrofit can help you get there. 

A deep energy retrofit is an extensive renovation to an existing home with a focus on reducing energy usage. These types of projects typically involve upgrading or replacing multiple technologies at once. They’re different from individual renovations due to their scale, cost, and complexity. Homeowners considering deep energy retrofits should take a long view of house-related expenses and consider the total cost of ownership with such a project.  

Immediate and long-term benefits are available to homeowners undertaking deep energy retrofits. These projects can significantly improve home comfort and air quality while reducing energy consumption by between 50% and 100%. This is achieved primarily by improving exterior building components such as walls, roofs, windows, doors, and careful air sealing. After that, invest in energy-efficient heating and cooling systems, water heating systems, lighting, and appliances. On-site renewables like solar panels can help close the gap. Renovation projects targeting Net Zero Energy, Net Zero Ready, or Passive House certification are all examples of deep energy retrofit strategies. 

We’re here to make it easier to plan and carry out your renovation project. Through our Home Energy Retrofit program, we can provide you with guidance from an energy advisor and rebates to help with your project costs.  


An EnerGuide energy efficiency home evaluation is the best way to understand and make decisions about potential home upgrades. If you decide to apply to the Home Energy Retrofit program, you’ll need to have an EnerGuide evaluation performed on your home before you start work.  

Getting an EnerGuide evaluation doesn’t mean you have to proceed with any specific upgrade, but it’s the best way to understand your home’s energy use and opportunities for improvement. You may also be eligible for rebates for the cost of the evaluation through other programs like the Canada Greener Homes Grant

Local demand for scheduling an EnerGuide evaluation can vary and it may take some time to get yours in the calendar. It’s a good idea to plan your evaluation well in advance of when you’d like to start working on your project.

After carrying out the EnerGuide evaluation, your energy advisor will provide you with: 

  • an EnerGuide rating and label; 
  • a Homeowner Information Sheet; and 
  • a Renovation Upgrade Report. 

Learn more about EnerGuide evaluations.


If you’re interested in taking your home to the next level of energy efficiency, you may be eligible for our Home Energy Retrofit program. We can provide you with support and rebates to make the process of renovating easier.  

If you want to make energy efficiency upgrades to your home but don’t think the Home Energy Retrofit program is right for you, we have other programs that can help you save energy and money. Check them out to find your best fit. And if you’re not sure where to start, our free virtual energy review can provide you with helpful, customized recommendations on how to begin your energy efficiency journey. 

Regardless of what type of renovation project you decide to undertake, you’ll need to apply and receive approval from us before starting any work. We’re excited to help you along in your journey to save energy, money, and the environment.  


If you’re interested in exploring a deep energy retrofit for your commercial building, check out our Deep Energy Retrofit Pilot Program.