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Person using thermostat

Benefits of HRV controls

Our Advanced HRV Controls Specialist Laura has advice on how an advanced HRV control can help you save energy.

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Digital thermostats

All about your HRV

A heat recovery ventilator (HRV) helps maintain indoor air quality, lets you control humidity levels in your home, and helps you save money on your energy bills.

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People reviewing plans

How to build an energy efficient home under the Prescriptive Path

If you’re new to the New Homes Program, the simplest way to get started is with the Prescriptive Path. To participate in the Prescriptive Path, include 10 mandatory energy saving upgrades in the design stage of your new home to receive a $1,200 rebate from Efficiency Manitoba.

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Couple reviewing blueprints with expert

All About Energy Modelling

Design and construction practices are moving in the direction of performance-based standards. If you’re building a new home or a new commercial building, investing in energy modelling is a great way to get on board.

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