PROJECT FEATURE: Prairie Golf Supplies

Driving green: How lighting upgrades lit the path to more savings 

Our Business Lighting Program offers financial incentives for businesses that upgrade their building with energy-efficient lighting. With our help, family-owned business Prairie Golf Supplies upgraded to LED fixtures, resulting in brighter and energy-efficient lighting.    


Kyrke Nussey, Vice-President of Prairie Golf Supplies in Carman, learned about Efficiency Manitoba and the Business Lighting Program through his contractor, Wayne Waddell from Wayne Waddell Electric. Wayne told Kyrke about the incentives, giving him the confidence to take a leap for his business. “In Manitoba, neighbours look out for each other,” said Kyrke. 

In April 2024, Wayne Waddell Electric replaced 16 of the old 400-watt metal halide fixtures at Prairie Golf Supplies with LEDs. “The light distribution is better,” said Kyrke. “The lighting is a lot brighter and comes on instantly.”


With their lighting upgrade, Prairie Golf Supplies is expected to save over 16,000 kWh (kilowatt-hours) of electricity every year, which translates to about $800 in energy bill savings annually. On top of these savings, they received a $4,000 incentive from us for the upgrades, reducing their project payback period to just two years. Kyrke received the incentive a few short weeks after the install.  

If you’re interested to know how much electricity your business could save with a lighting upgrade, check out our savings calculator! Not only can you see how many kilowatt-hours you could potentially save, but also how much you could reduce your energy bills each year.   


Our online application system makes it easy to get approved for our Business Lighting Program. Through myEM, business owners can apply on their own or have contractors apply on their behalf.  

After reviewing your application, our team will clearly outline the incentive for your proposed upgrades before you commit to the project, giving you plenty of time to discuss and review your budget.  


Business owners and contractors can apply for financial incentives through our Business Lighting Program. Check out our program guide for more details on our incentive rates and eligibility requirements.  


We highly encourage you to join our supplier network. You’ll be listed on our website as a registered Efficiency Manitoba supplier and can offer our programs to your customers. You’ll also have access to training opportunities and materials offered by our team of experts and can promote our energy efficiency programs in your advertising. The best part? It’s free to register and participate!  

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