Efficiency Manitoba announces new solar rebate program for homes and businesses

Efficiency Manitoba is now offering a rebate for Manitobans who install solar photovoltaic (PV) systems to support the energy needs of their homes and businesses. The Solar Rebate Program offers homeowners and businesses a rebate of $0.50 per watt. Home systems up to 10 kW and business systems up to 50 kW are eligible for rebates through the program. Maximum rebates are $5,000 per home and $25,000 per business.

“Efficiency Manitoba’s Solar Rebate Program is one of the few in Canada that offers rebates for both homeowners and businesses, demonstrating their commitment to helping as many Manitobans save on their energy bills,” said Minister of Environment, Climate and Parks and Minister responsible for Efficiency Manitoba Jeff Wharton. “Beyond the benefits for Manitoba homeowners and businesses, I am pleased to see Efficiency Manitoba continue to support the growing green economy in Manitoba by encouraging opportunities for solar suppliers and installers.”

Solar photovoltaic systems capture light from the sun and convert it into electricity. Solar panels are affixed to rooftops or installed directly on the ground, and produce energy during the day to power homes, buildings, and communities. Solar PV systems can significantly reduce the amount of electricity that needs to be purchased during daylight hours, thereby reducing monthly energy bills.

Solar Rebate Program applications will be accepted from homeowners and businesses connected to the Manitoba Hydro grid. Customers must work with a registered Efficiency Manitoba supplier to install their solar PV system and apply for their rebate. Recognizing the larger size of commercial systems, businesses will require approval before they start their solar PV project.

“Launching our new Solar Rebate Program is an exciting milestone for Efficiency Manitoba as we continue to deliver on our approved Efficiency Plan,” said Colleen Kuruluk, Chief Executive Officer of Efficiency Manitoba. “By offering rebates on solar PV systems, we’re helping to make this technology more accessible and affordable to Manitobans and contribute to our mandated responsibility to reduce energy consumption from the grid. Every Efficiency Manitoba program and offer launch is designed to provide Manitobans with increasing and diverse options on how they can save energy, money, and the environment.”

For home systems eligible for both Efficiency Manitoba’s Solar Rebate Program and the Canada Greener Homes Grant, the combined incentives can cover up to 45% of the system’s total cost. Financing is also available through the federal government’s Canada Greener Homes Loan and Manitoba Hydro’s Home Energy Efficiency Loan.

Interested homeowners and businesses can learn more about Efficiency Manitoba’s Solar Rebate Program by going to efficiencyMB.ca/solar.

For more information, please email us at media@efficiencyMB.ca.

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