New Homes Program

New Homes Program

For Homeowners

We’ll help you build a Certified Energy Efficient new home, with two ways to participate:

Prescriptive Path

$1,200 Rebate

  • Do it yourself or hire a builder
  • Incorporate 10 energy-saving upgrades in your project
  • Receive official certification for your project from Efficiency Manitoba
  • Enjoy the savings – your new home will be about 20% more energy efficient than comparable new homes

Performance Path

 $1,500 to $12,000 Rebate

  • Get design assistance and detailed energy modelling
  • Select any upgrades, materials, or equipment you want to include in your project
  • Receive an official EnerGuide label and home energy report from Natural Resources Canada
  • Enjoy bigger rebates (up to $12,000!)

Building a new home on a budget? Check out our Individual Upgrades Path.

Steps To Participate


    Choose a participation path (Performance or Prescriptive) that fits your project and goals. If you need help choosing the right path for your project, send us an email.


    With assistance from an energy modeler (Performance Path) or your contractor (Prescriptive Path), design your new energy-efficient home! Send us your application form and design drawings before you start significant work on your project.


    When your home is complete, we’ll conduct a free in-home evaluation and third-party airtightness test. You’ll receive your rebate and official certification shortly after our visit.


  • It’s a residential occupancy home or building.
  • It has a maximum of three storeys, with a footprint no larger than 600 square metres.
  • It’s a new construction project (not an addition or renovation).
  • It will use electricity or natural gas supplied by Manitoba Hydro.
  • You contact us or apply before work starts.

Get Cash Back

Homes that are Certified Energy Efficient through the New Homes Program are automatically eligible for a partial mortgage insurance premium refund from Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) and Sagen.

  • Prescriptive Path: 15% premium refund
  • Performance Path: 15 to 25% premium refund

You have 24 months from the closing date of your mortgage to apply. For more information or to apply now, visit CMHC or Sagen.

Preferred Builders

Builders who commit to meeting minimum Certified Energy Efficient standards on all their new homes can apply for status as an Efficiency Manitoba Preferred Builder.

The following organizations are registered as Preferred Builders with our New Homes Program:

For more information on becoming a Preferred Builder, contact us.

Participating Builders

Builders who have successfully built at least three Certified Energy Efficient new homes can apply for status as an Efficiency Manitoba Participating Builder.

The following organizations are registered as Participating Builders with our New Homes Program: