New Homes Program For Builders

New Homes Program

For Builders

The New Homes Program offers builders more than just a rebate, with:

  • free third-party airtightness testing;
  • energy code compliance verification and optimization analysis; 
  • site signage and cooperative advertising opportunities; 
  • mortgage insurance premium refunds payable to your customers with insured mortgages; and 
  • energy reports and benchmarking tools to measure your progress toward higher levels of performance. 

Performance Path

$2,000 to $15,000 Rebate

  • Work with a certified energy consultant at no cost
  • Use energy modelling software to evaluate options and their impacts
  • Earn up to $15,000 in performance-based rebates
  • Get EnerGuide labels and energy use reports from Natural Resources Canada for your customer
  • Receive official certification for your project from Efficiency Manitoba


Our New Homes Program has been designed to align with the published building code wherever possible. We use the same language, measurements, and classifications to ensure consistency between the building code and our program requirements, making it easier for builders to participate in our program and prepare for the future adoption of higher energy performance tiers.

Your rebate is based on two factors:

  • Whether the conditioned volume of the home is greater than or less than 300 m³;
  • The final energy performance % improvement.

how your rebate is calculated

You can download the digital version here.

Steps To Participate


    Work with an energy advisor on your home’s energy design. Your project’s estimated energy improvement over the minimum energy code must be 25% or more in order to qualify for rebates.

  2. APPLY 

    Apply online with the Estimated Performance Summary provided by your energy advisor. Get approval from us, then build your energy-efficient new home! 


    When your home is complete, we’ll conduct a free in-home evaluation which includes airtightness testing. 


    You’ll receive your rebate and official certification shortly after our visit. 


  • It’s a residential occupancy home or building.
  • It has a maximum of three storeys, with a footprint no larger than 600 square metres.
  • It’s a new construction project (not an addition or renovation).
  • It will use electricity or natural gas supplied by Manitoba Hydro.
  • You contact us or apply before work starts.

Cash Back For Your Customers

Homes that are Certified Energy Efficient through the New Homes Program are automatically eligible for a 25% mortgage insurance premium refund from Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), Sagen and Canada Guaranty.

Your customers have 24 months from the closing date of their mortgage to apply. Customers can visit Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), Sagen or Canada Guaranty for more information.


Builders who commit to meeting minimum Certified Energy Efficient standards on all their new homes can apply for status as an Efficiency Manitoba Preferred Builder.

The following organizations are registered as Preferred Builders with our New Homes Program:

For more information on becoming a Preferred Builder, contact us.


Builders who have successfully built at least three Certified Energy Efficient new homes can apply for status as an Efficiency Manitoba Participating Builder.

The following organizations are registered as Participating Builders with our New Homes Program:

For more information on becoming a Participating Builder, contact us.