Métis Energy Efficiency Contractors

Registered Contractors

The Métis Energy Efficiency Offers works with a number of pre-qualified and program-approved Metis registered contractors.

All contractors will provide you with the necessary knowledge and expertise to perform your energy efficiency upgrades under the program. Installation under this program can only be performed by a registered contractor.

Insulation Contractors

Our insulation contractors are experienced in performing insulation retrofits including draft proofing, insulating eligible attics, walls and foundations.   

Furnace Contractors

Our furnace contractors are pre-qualified to perform residential furnace upgrades for all approved furnace upgrades under the program. Furnace upgrades are offered as a sustainable solution to help qualified lower income customers reduce their energy bills.

Becoming a Registered Contractor

To become a Participating Contractor with the Métis Energy Efficiency Offers, you must complete a Request for Pre-Qualification package.

To learn more about becoming a Participating Contractor or to request a package, contact us at 204-944-8181 or at indigenousprograms@efficiencyMB.ca.