Efficiency Manitoba launches initiative to educate the next generation of energy savers

Efficiency Manitoba is introducing an exciting new initiative to bring the conversation and passion around energy efficiency and sustainability to Manitoba classrooms. The initiative, called Generation E, is designed to teach students about the importance of saving energy while empowering them to make choices that contribute to a greener, more energy-efficient future.

To complement the Manitoba science curriculum, lesson plans and interactive activities initially geared towards Grade 6 and 9 students are available to teachers on a dedicated website. Simple resources have also been developed for elementary school teachers to introduce their students to basic concepts related to energy efficiency.

“I am pleased to see Efficiency Manitoba empowering students and teachers to engage in energy efficiency and environmental sustainability,” said Minister of Environment, Climate and Parks and Minister responsible for Efficiency Manitoba Jeff Wharton. “This initiative will encourage students to become lifelong advocates for saving energy and the important work Efficiency Manitoba does with Manitobans to reduce electricity and natural gas consumption in our province.”

In addition to educational resources, teachers across Manitoba now also have access to Efficiency Manitoba’s Generation E outreach coordinator, who is looking forward to educating students about energy efficiency. They will be reaching out to schools, delivering presentations in classrooms, and helping teachers use the online resources.

“Young people are attuned to the growing impacts of climate change. Generation E will help them grow their passion and show them that energy efficiency is an effective way to be more informed consumers of energy while reducing our carbon footprint,” said Colleen Kuruluk, Chief Executive Officer of Efficiency Manitoba. “Engaging educators in our work, we look forward to growing the knowledge base of our next generation of energy savers.”

Teachers and parents can learn more about Generation E at efficiencyMB.ca/education.

For more information, please email us at media@efficiencyMB.ca.

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