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Eligible Products


If your model isn’t showing up in your search, try typing in only the first few characters of the model number and then clicking search. If it still isn’t showing up, check the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure that it is ENERGY STAR certified. For a complete list of eligibility criteria, read the terms and conditions.

You may see asterisk symbols (*) in your model number. These represent non-functional features of the product (such as the colour of the appliance) and do not impact their eligibility.


ENERGY STAR certified dryers on their own don’t have significant energy savings. An energy efficient washer removes more water in the spin cycle, which then reduces the amount of time the dryer needs to run, using less energy as a result.

Combination units that wash and dry clothes in one appliance aren’t eligible for rebate because they aren’t ENERGY STAR certified. These are different from stacked units, which are eligible for rebate.

Smart line voltage thermostats aren’t currently eligible for rebate because they aren’t ENERGY STAR certified. This is our current standard for product eligibility, but this may change once more research is conducted on this newer technology.

Most Efficient ENERGY STAR dishwashers and refrigerators deliver cutting edge energy efficiency and product innovation. They represent the best of ENERGY STAR certification, which is why we’re offering a rebate for these products.