CO2 Sensors

CO2 Sensors

Reduce Energy Costs for Your Business

CO2 sensors save energy and money by eliminating over-ventilation and optimizing air quality. Install sensors in your building and receive up to $1,000 per sensor!

Benefits of CO2 sensor technology:

  • Fast payback
  • Lower monthly bills
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Can be integrated with other ventilation strategies and controls

CO2 Sensor Rebate

For each HVAC zone the lesser of:

$1,000 per sensor, or

$50 / per person,

per applicable Demand Control Ventilation zone

How to Participate


    Your contractor will determine whether or not CO2 sensors are a fit for your business, and they’ll help you choose, order, and install the right equipment. Apply for your rebate through your contractor, before equipment is purchased or installed.


    Once we approve your project, your contractor will install and integrate your new sensors.

  3. SAVE

    You will benefit from monthly energy savings and a rebate from us!

Your Project Qualifies If

  • You receive approval before the equipment is ordered and work begins
  • The CO2 sensors are a retrofit installation.

For a complete list of equipment parameters, see the application form.

CO2 sensors must

  • Use infrared sensor technology
  • Be permanently installed
  • Have an adjustable operating control set-point
  • Be suitable for the system being retrofitted
  • Be compliant with ventilation requirements referenced in current building codes